Sixfeet ribbon collar striped turquoise-pink-white rainbow (pink inside)




Sixfeet ribbon collar is for those who love high safety and unique design in one. Stylish outfit for you and for your dog as well. You can be sure, this collar will surprise everyone on the beach, in the city or in the mountains with its unique graphic design. Material: striped turquoise-pink-white rainbow patterned (pink inside) ribbon, black plastic safety lock, nickel hook. Easy to put on and sustainable for real dog life! Sixfeet collars are uniquely designed, have double layers, softshell inside, strong seam, long-life ribbon, and reliable one-click lock. Sizes are adjustable, so the collar can grow up with your puppy!
Thickness: 2 cm for small dogs and 2,5 cm for medium and big size dogs.
Length can vary between 18-55 cm

Handwash 30°C

Did you know? Handmade things are unique, no identical pieces, detail-rich and exclusively crafted.

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