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BlakElla is a shop for pet lovers. For those, who live with dogs, standing with dogs, are on the road with dogs, camp with dogs, who are devoted to dogs.

Why to choose us?

Dogs are different: big, small, fatty, skinny, handsome, unique, special, hairy, dribbling, cheeky, happy, sad, lovely, chilly, active, passive, senior and junior, black and white, merle, brown, beige, spotted and fairy.

Such different is our selection of handmade, unique accessories for your pet and for you as well.

What is unique about the BlakElla products?

Blakella represents and sells only the products, that would use himself either. We, the owners of Blakella, stand for quality, original handcraft, exclusive design, durability and safety.

What you can find at BlakElla?

Collars, leashes, beanbag beds, ties, bandanas, keychains, poopbag holders, bags, pillows, yoga clothes, t-shirts, gymbags, nutritional supplements, jewels. Everything about and around the dog for him and for her.

Where you can find BlakElla?

Calle Santísima Trinidad 25C
1138 Tarifa, Spain

E-mail: info@blakella.com
Mobile: +34 634 827 662

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